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Theme: Starting-Up and managing companies in the field of Materials and Nano-structured materials

Theme: Social, political and human aspects of nano-technologies

Theme: Collaboration and projects for the future


Welcome and Opening Session

§ Janni Nielsen, Leif Bloch Rasmussen, CBS, Denmark

§ Lise Thorsen, Municipality of Copenhagen, Science and Technology

§ Suzanne Becker, EU-Officer EULASUR

§ Allan Irwin, CBS, Dean of Research

§ Prof. Carles Miravitlles, EULASUR Coordinator, ICMAB, Spain


Nano Connect Scandinavia

·    Majken Lerche Møller, project coordinator, DTU Nanotech, Technical University of Denmark


Nano Risk Environment & Consumers

§ Peter Jacobsen, Leader of Work Medicine, Bispebjerg Hospital, Denmark


Senses of Nano

§ Prof. Lars Heslet, Prof., Copenhagen, Denmark



European Spallation Source and Sustainability

§ Roger Eriksson, dir. of Communication, European Spallation Source, Lund, Sweden


§ Berit Asmussen, Director, Consumer NGO


Architecture – Nanotel

·         Harald Christensen, Director Creo Architects, Toender, Denmark


Students World Wide

§  Venture Cup Scandinavia

§  Weekend Pitching for Students World Wide


Coffee break

Coffee break

Coffee break


Economics, Innovation and Entreprenurship

§ Prof. Finn Valentin, Prof. in Innovation, CBS, Denmark


NanoChallenge, a well-established model to create
globally competitive start-ups

·       Enzo Sisti , Dr., Veneto Nanotech, Venice, Italy


Growth, Job Creation and Working Environment

§ Peter Kay Mortensen, chair, LO-Copenhagen (Danish Labor Union)


CETEC: a case of relationship between research and industry in Brazil

·       Magareth Spangler Antrade, Centro Tecnológico Cetec Senai, Brazil

Round Table: Gender Issues

§  Margareth Spangler, SENAI DR-MG, Brazil

§  Maja Horst, Copenhagen University, Denmark

§  Lise Thorsen, Municipality of Copenhagen, Science and Technology

§  Peter Plougman, CEO NewInsight, Denmark

§  Poul Vinholt, AOF (citizen education), Copenhagen/Frederiksberg, Denmark


Transfer of Knowledge and start-ups: The Experience of UniCen,

·       Alejandro Bricker, Unicen, Argentina


Nanostructured Fullerene-like Coatings: From Lab-scale Research to Industrial-scale Production

§ Prof. Esteban Broitman, Linköping University, Sweden


Round Table: Future Potential of EULASUR Network . Moderator: Jens Degett

·    Prof. J.L. Briansó, UAB, Spain

§ Janni Nielsen, CBS, Denmark

§ Prof. Hernan Bacarini, Uni. Of Lujan, Argentina

§ Prof. John Kilner, Imperial College, UK

§ E. Sisti, Veneto Nanotech, Italy






Effective Energy

·         Dr. Lourdes Vega, director of  MATGAS, Spain



Nano particles design for in vivo application: opportunities, expectations and disillusions

·       Prof. Etienne Duguet, University of Bordeaux, France


Nanotechnologies for
health and geographical advantages

·       Prof. Alvaro Mombrú, Director of the Technological Park in Pando, Uruguay


WP 2 results: Exchanges

§  UFMG, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil

WP 3 results: Opportunities

§  UAB, Universidad Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain

WP 4 results:  Dissemination

·       ICMAB-CSIC, Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona, Spain


Technology and Knowledge Transfer

§ Prof. Jordi Marquet, director of the Technology Park of Universidat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain


Aspects of the preparation of electro-nanomaterials: Energy Devices and Bio

§  Prof. Nieves Casañ, ICMAB, Barcelona


Closing Session

§  Britta Thomsen, MEP

§  Janni Nielsen/Leif Bloch Rasmussen, CBS, Denmark


Coffee break

Coffee break

Coffee break and Departure


Students work in the PentaHelix Model for innovation

·       Leif Bloch Rasmussen (EULASUR WP1)

Ph.d. students and post doc’s presentations:

§  Nadim Morhell, post.doc., Instituto Balseiro & Centro Atómico Bariloche, Argentina

§  Ana Zamit, post.doc., INTA - CICVyA - Virology Institute, Argentina

§  Sebastian Pappalardo, post.doc, INTA - CICVyA - Virology Institute, Argentina

Round Table: Social, political and human aspects of nano-technologies – Thoughts on the days work; Moderator Jens Degett

·     Prof. Nieves Casañ, ICMAB, Spain

·     Prof. Wagner Rodrigues, UFMG, Brazil

·     Lilli Kirkeskov, Bispebjerg Hospital, Denmark

·     Gustavo Pérez, UAB, Spain




Round Table: Nano-Technologies, Jobs and Start-Up - Thought on the days work Moderator: Jens Degett

§  Prof. Jordi Marquet, Spain

§  Prof. Finn Valentin, Denmark

§  E. Sisti, Veneto Nanotech, Italy

§  Lourdes Vega, Spain

§  Prof. Wagner Rodrigues, Brazil




Poster Sessions

Poster Sessions